Heat Pumps – XB14

Energy-efficient heat pump systems are a smart investment in comfort and efficiency. With this 15.50 SEER heat pump, this heating and cooling system helps your home overcome everything from the most stifling days to bone-chilling nights, all with reliable, energy-conscious operation

Cost: $$

Efficient performance

The XB14 single-stage heat pump’s SEER up to 15.50 and HSPF up to 8.50 make it an energy-efficient choice for home comfort

Economical operation

This energy-efficient heat pump system may substantially lower your home cooling costs

Durable construction

Materials for all components are tested again and again for long-lasting performance

Cleaner, healthier indoor air

  • Super Efficiency

    Quiet, Reliable Comfort
  • Standard Efficiency

    Reliable, Durable, Quiet Comfort